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Gregg & Janell


Welcome to HHGDecor.com.  Gregg and I returned to the Midwest from Arizona to devote quality time with our parents, children, and grandchildren.  In 2013 we opened a small handmade wreath company in Michigan (a sincere passion of mine for the past 25 years).

Fast forward a couple years and our little online business blossomed. Soon, customers started coming from all around the world.  Amazed by the quick attention, Gregg and I made the decision to maintain modest sales level to stay true to our quality, and faithful to our family time.

I design and create wreaths aimed at style, sophistication, and longevity.  Since Gregg and I started HHGDecor, my clients have ordered thousands of wreaths. We still hear back from our initial customers that their wreath looks great.

Then, customers expressed their desire for more home décor products.  So, we vetted several manufacturers and importers and added higher-end quality home décor products (that maintain our ‘style, sophistication, and longevity’ conviction) to our site.

We are outgrowing our small workshop and warehouse and will expand in the near future.

Thank you for taking time out of your day to visit HHGDecor.  We love having guests and hope to have you back soon.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions at shop@hhgdecor.com.

Remember to create family time!

Janell Laurie