Door Wreaths for Every Season

Size: 4 Medium 19-20" diameters

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Bring the feel of each season to your home with a Door Wreath for Every Season Package. This package includes a beautiful wreath for every season, helping you to keep your space updated and vibrant year-round.

The wreath package includes:

  • Winter Wreath - The Green & Cream blended hydrangea wreath
  • Spring & Summer Wreath - The Felicity blended hydrangea wreath
  • Fall Wreath - The Orange multi-colored autumn wreath
  • Holiday Wreath - The red, green, and cream blended hydrangea wreath
  • These wreaths are recommended for covered areas outdoors or indoors.
  • Made in Michigan

Please Note handmade wreaths' time to create and ship is 1-2 weeks.

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